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Lahaina Surf Lessons

90 Minutes surfing

* The Surf Lessons will be provided by a trusted third party vendor*

No surf experience necessary, 

 kids are welcome!

We will teach you the basics of surfing, can push you into waves and teach you the "turn, paddle & pop up"

Please call if interested if you want to surf with our Therapy dog.



group max of 5

(Per Person)



semi private tour
1 instructor
2 people

1 on 1 lesson

  • Semi Private Group

  • UV RashGuard, Board, Reef Shoes

  • Uncrowded Surf Break

What can I expect on a surf lessons?

Learn the art of the "Pop up",

paddling for a wave & how to time catching a wave.

We meet at the beach, You will receive a land lesson on surfing techniques, Surfboard, Guide,

UV Rash-guard & Reef Shoes.


Spend about 1 hour in the water surfing, Catching waves, We often spot turtles nearby.

Instructor will push you into waves at Ukumehame beach, Great spot for learning on small waves with little crowd.

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Surf With Church The Surfing Dog!



kids (under 12)

(Per Person)

Adults(13 and up)

(Per Person)

We come to you and choose a surf spot determined by your skill and specific needs. My K9 surfing partner Church & I are blessed to have been born and raised in this paradise named Maui.


Growing up here we spent more than a fair share of that time in the ocean. What makes us the uniquely ultimate surfing duo is that besides being a competitive surfer myself,


Church is trained and certified as both a therapy dog as well as an emotional service animal. There's a lot of places to learn how to surf here on Maui, but only one that let's you have bragging rights about a dog teaching the lesson. So sign up today and let the ultimate instructor duo help make the best memories of your trip!

Church is extremely busy and has a limited schedule for surf, please call/email if interested if you want to surf with our Therapy dog.


Frequently asked questions

I want to surf with church what do I need to do?

Please call us to arrange or book online +1-808-214-4743

Do you offer surf lessons without the dog (Church)

Yes, if you want to surf with church please send us a request.

How big are the waves?

The waves are small & mellow at Ukumehame beach park.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes, If you don't know how to swim please call us +1-808-214-4743

How old does a child need to be to surf?

Youngest we typically take out surfing is 5 years old

What time do you offer surf lessons? 

7:30am 10am and 4:30pm 

What kind of surf lesson(s) do you offer?

Total beginner, we also offer surf trips for advanced surfers.

Tour Hours & Operation


  • 7:30am

  • 10:00am

  • 4:30pm


Off the highway just before

Ukumehame Beach Park

20.795855191610457, -156.584850746571

(Copy paste into google maps)

90 Minutes surfing

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