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Night Snorkeling 


  • Small group tour

  • All equipment included

  • No Crowds at all!

Shoreline Snorkel's Night Snorkels of Maui, Hawaii
Only Company on Maui Offering guided beach Night Snorkels!


Here in Maui different creatures come out at night that you hardly ever see during the day time, including: lobster, squid, ulua and many others.

We use high end LED dive lights and wetsuits for snorkeling, so you can see more and be comfortable!

We keep the groups small and private to ensure a high level of personal attention for you.

*Bear in mind that the ocean is a wild environment, so we can control or guarantee the animals we will be able to see during your tour*

(Per Person)

What can I see at night vs the day?

Lobster Diving Maui, Lobster dive/Night Snorkeling tour

At night, all the creatures that are hiding under the reef come out to explore, feed and mate.


Lobsters are some of our favorite animals to see.


Octopus also come out onto the reef to hunt! They like to camouflage themselves on top of the reef or crawl around in the sand!

Bioluminescence comes out at night.


You will see blue or green flashing lights when we turn off our flashlights and wave our hands around or swim!


The production and emission of light by a living organism (fungi, microorganisms is what causes this amazing phenomenon!

bioluminescence Night Snorkeling in Maui!

What kind of equipment do we use?

Sl4 Eled Uk Dive light for Night Snorkels in Maui

We use High Power LED Diving flashlights, (SL4e-LED) They are 400 lumes bright and will do a wonderful job of illuminating the underwater reefs of Maui!


The focused beam is excellent at finding creatures from a long distance away due to this being a very bright compact dive light!


This light is great for peeking under ledges to find hidden creatures like octopus or lobsters!


We use 3mm thick wetsuits to keep you nice and warm while we are night snorkeling!


The wetsuits come in many sizes to fit you, please let us know about children as we have sizes for them as well.


Maui ocean water temperatures are from 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (C26-C27). Even during the night!

Wetsuits for Night Snorkelng Maui

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be cold?
Night Snorkel Tours Lahaina Hawaii, Lobster Hunts too

Maui ocean water temperatures are from 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (C26-C27). Even during the night!

Our wetsuits will help keep us warm!

What about sharks?

They live in the ocean...1 in 3,748,067 are the lifetime odds given for a shark fatality, compared to 1 in 79,746 for death by lightning.


So, we have a strict no tin foil hat policy on all our night snorkels.

What should I bring?

Bathing suit, towel, contact lenses.

Do you have a boat?

No, all of our night snorkels go off the shore/beach.

How many people will be in our group?

We keep our groups small, most of the time it is just your party.

What is the youngest age you take?

Age 5 and older, as long as they are comfortable in the water.

How to Book a Tour

Tour Hours & Operation

- Everyday from Monday to Sunday, we offer departures leaving at the following time:

  • 7:20pm (Night Snorkel)


- WE WILL TEXT YOU to let you know the location for your tour. Due to weather conditions and surf, we keep it flexible, so we can offer you the best experience. 



How to book

Book Online, Call or Email to make a reservation.

Phone: 808-214-4743 - CALL OR TEXT (Text is best)


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