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snorkeling tour experience

First Time Swimmers

  • Private tour 

  • Shallow water

  • Very Calm Instructors

  • Snorkel Safely

  • Take it at your pace

Call/Text +1-(808)-214-4743

Only Company On Maui Offering Snorkeling Tours
For First time & non-swimmers


(Per Person)

This tour is perfect for first time swimmers/snorkelers in Maui that are looking for a private snorkel guide. Perfect for first time swimmers or folks who are nervous.


We do not require any swimming ability, we take it at your pace and are right there with oversized noodles, lifeguard floats and other floating aids. 


We will always be at arms reach and right there to assist you!

(90 minutes)

What can I see/expect during our snorkel?

Non Swimmer Snorkeling Tours of West Maui!

We can see turtles, corals, parrotfish, butterfly fish and much more Hawaiian wildlife!


We swim in shallow water, where you will be able to stand.


Your Instructor will give you in water assistance and will be by your side the entire time!


We are on Hawaiian time and take the tour at your speed! 

Where do we snorkel?

Snorkeling for non swimmers Maui!

We snorkel at the calmest beach for the day, it will have a sandy bottom that we will be able to walk into.


Your instructor will also choose the beach with the most sea life and turtles for the day's ocean conditions.


We snorkel away from the crowds at local beaches ensuring the most private experience possible!

The equipment we use for our snorkeling tours is only the best, Freedive quality masks that ensure a proper seal on your face!


Our guides consist of highly trained Scuba instructors, Swim instructors, Lifeguards and Freediving instructors some are even all of them.


We pride ourselfs in offering high end private experiences with only the best equipment and most patient guides.

マウイ島のシュノーケリングレッスン, Snorkeling Lessons Maui!

Frequently Asked Questions

First time snorkeling tours of Maui! Learn to Snorkel we offer Snorkeling Lessons of Lahaina!
Do I need to know how to swim?

It would be helpful, This tour is mostly floating and breathing. Your instructor will be right there with floatation devices.

If you can breathe you can snorkel!

How deep is it?

Shallow water where you can

stand up and be comfortable!

How far away from shore do we go?

This tour is 100% catered to you, generally we stay very close to shore at first and get you comfortable.

After if you would like, we can explore a little further.

What should I bring?

Bathing suit, towel and sun block.

How long will we be in the water?

As long as you would like.

Usually we are in the water for up to one hour or so.

We have 2 or more people who want to go.

Not a problem! We find that 1 instructor and 2 guests works out very well with proper flotation devices and in water which we can stand up and take our time, If you have a larger group we will do shifts.

We have a young child (under 5)

The youngest we take out is 5 years and older.

If you have a child under 5 years old and both parents want to snorkel we can do shifts and have one parent supervisor the child the other snorkel then rotate.

How to Book a Tour

Tour Hours & Operation

Everyday, from Monday to Sunday, we offer many departures daily leaving at the following times:


  • 8:00am 

  • 11:00am


Book Online, Call or Email to make a reservation


Phone: 808-214-4743 (text or call)




- Tour location will be confirmed by text/call before your appointment.

- Due to weather conditions and surf, we keep it flexible, to be able to offer you the best experience.


* Tour location is based on where on island has the most calm conditions.

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