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We invite you to visit us...

On our wonderful island of Maui and to enjoy the underwater world and see our friend the Honu. (turtle) I promise it will be a Honu experience.

About our guides and company
  • In our free time we like to go out and surf, hike and explore the island of Maui.

  • Our guides can identify fish & marine life both in english and their Hawaiian name. 


  • We only use high end silicone mask from scuba  companies no cheap equipment here only the best.


  • Our guides are all great local watermen & women knowing where the best location for the days snorkel/tour  


  • Only Company to Offer Night Snorkeling on Maui​​

Welcome to Hawaii's Underwater Kingdom! 

After Snorkeling Molokini with tons of other people in the water and little space to swim, we decided to start a small personalized snorkel tour operation off the shore, we have learned alot about leading tours and treating guest like our family. Our company's founder, after working in Hawaii for big snorkel tour companies and boats alike.


After seeing how many people are crowded onto snorkel boats and the lack of personal attention and safety we began to brainstorm ideas.


We then decided to start our own shoreline tours with private groups, personal attention & safety in mind. For first time snorkerler's and for advanced snorkelers alike.

Keep it local & Small

We keep all our tours Private, small and local because that is the way we like it. We treat each tour like it is our own family coming over to the wonderful island of Maui!

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