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How to Properly Wear snorkel Gear

Alot of the time while at the beach you will see people constantly struggling with their snorkel gear, water is getting in and they are rolled about in the shorebreak. This is a very common problem, it is a easy fix though!

We will show you how to properly wear your snorkel gear and how to safely enter/exit the water & to ensure when you go home from snorkeling you do not have a bunch of sand in your bathing suit.

First I would like to say, keep your mask off the top of your head! Also keep it out of the sand! Follow these steps and your snorkeling will be much easier and more enjoyable!

1.Rent proper gear, All snorkel gear is not equal a comfortable fit is the biggest deal, If the shop does not fit you with the gear WALK OUT! All faces and heads are not the same size!

Also Check out our Makai Snorkel the full face mask snorkel that you can breath normal! It is super simple to put on and use!!snorkel-rentals/dgt7q

2. De-fog your mask! This is one thing that can really get on your nerves if you forget to do it! To De-fog your mask simply rub/spray in some de-fog solution (Baby shampoo & water) and rinse the mask once or twice with water.

If no commercial De-fog is around you can use the native Naupaka Plant, it conveniently grows along side most beaches! Simply take the plant leaf fold it in half and rub on the inside part of the mask and rinse it with water. (shown Below)

3. Adjust your mask! This is the most important and skipped element of snorkeling! To ensure your mask fits properly its not how tight the straps are! It is the PLACEMENT OF THE MASK STRAP! You want the strap to be nice and high on your head about 1.5 inches above that little bump on the back of your head, this ensures the mask has even pressure around your entire face.

Gently tighten the straps once the mask strap is up high on your head. If it fits comfortably breath in through just your nose to make sure no air is seeping into the mask. This ensures the mask is water Tight!

(notice the strap placement, High above bump on the head not touching ears)

4.Put your mask on before entry!This makes it easier because when you are ready to enter the water you will be able to see and breath normal,

5.Put your Fins on, and WALK BACKWARDS! Walking backwards doing the micheal jackson moonwalk is the slickest easiest way to enter the way.

Enter the water until you are about in waist/stomach deep water and practice breathing through your snorkel, checking the mask to make sure the seal is correct.

6.Swim around and Have fun, how to clear snorkel? Wondering how to get water out of your snorkel when snorkeling in Maui? Just yell the number "2" and give it a good blast of air this will discharge any water from the snorkel.

7.When Returning to the beach TAKE YOUR FINS OFF! LEAVE MASK ON! This is the last and final step, and most cruical where the majority of people can slip up. Before reaching the beach take your fins off 7-10 feet from where you can be able to stand up.

LEAVE YOUR MASK ON! This will ensure you can keep snorkeling and breathing. once your feet hit the sand walk up the beach and enjoy!

When taking the mask off PULL IT DOWN AROUND YOUR NECK not ontop of your head, so if a wave comes your mask will not be lost and fall off it will be safely around your neck.

Hope you enjoyed our snorkeling tips in Maui Hawaii, If you have any questions feel free to check out our website or give us a call


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