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Night Snorkeling In Maui!

We have launched our Night snorkels here in Maui and they have been a huge hit!

Our guests really love the different night life that comes out like, lobsters, octopus and eels!

The ocean is truely a different place when the sun goes down! But lucky for us the lights dont go out we use 400Lumen ELED Flashlights that illuminate the reef allowing us to see all the creatures down below. (like the turtle shown here)

Some may think it is scary going out at night. But it is actually really relaxing, it makes us feel like we are on a search and find misson out in the ocean like secret agents!

Another really nice thing about night snorkeling is that we can go anywhere we want on island and have no crowds at all!

During Lobster Season (All Months that end with letter "R") We can go on a lobster hunt during our night snorkel! After the tour we can even cook them up on the beach!

During off season for lobsters there is octopus out there too we can go and check out at night when they become active and are hunting! They are pretty amazing creatures being able to camouflage themself so well by changing color and fitting into small holes in the reef!

During our Night snorkels we also wear 3mm Wetsuits to keep us warm during the night (even though ocean tempature stays about the same) It is always nice to be toasty!

Alot the fish you see during the day time will be hiding in the reef and others will come out to hunt! They will also act very strange vs than in the day time, The goat fish tend to stay in one place and you can get so close to them you could touch them with your hand, in the day they would swim away when your 10ft or so close.

If you would like to book a night snorkel send us an email at or call us at 808-214-4743

Check out all our tours including our night snorkel here at our website


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