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How Long is the Road To Hana? Maui's Private Road To Hana Tours, Swim in Waterfalls!

The Road to Hana is about 2 hours from Paia to Hana Give or take.


How long is the Road to Hana?

But that would miss all the fun.

The Road to Hana is really all about the stops along the way, So many waterfalls bamboo forests, hiking trails and more! Try to make a whole entire day out of it!

Fresh Coconut's Stop on Road to Hana Tours, Shoreline Snorkel

The Road to Hana is about 10-12 Hours with all the stops waterfalls, hikes, Overlooks, Bathroom breaks, Exploring, etc.

Just take it at your pace and have fun with it The "END" or Hana town itself is not something all that special in itself it is great, but the road and the stops is really what makes the Road so special.

Best Stops on Road to Hana, Bamboo Forest Hiking Haiku!

We recommend getting on the Road "Paia" and past that at about 9am at the latest, It is suggested you stop and load up on waters, pack towels bathing suit camera and some sunscreen, pair of shoes and slippahs (Flip Flops) also not a bad idea to bring a rain shell.

Here is a sneak peek of a video we made showcasing our Private Road to Hana Tours, some of the things you could see. All our tours are private and 100% customized to what you would like to do/see!

Road to Hana Best Waterfalls to Swim in, Private Hana Tours, Luxury Road to Hana Tours!

Just another awesome Waterfall we can go swimming in and explore on our Custom Road to Hana Adventures!

Red Sand Beach Road to Hana, Kaihalulu Bay

From Ka'anapali to Paia will take you about 1 hour sometimes 45 minutes. and about a total of 5-6 hours driving for the entire day,

We suggest leaving your West Side hotel about 7:45am or earlier

(1 hour hotel to Paia, 2 hours on road)


(2 hours back from Hana plus drive to hotel 1 hour)

so switching off drivers or hiring a private guide can ensure you get to enjoy the full road to Hana and not have to worry about driving the narrow one lane Road.

(Paia is where Road to Hana Begins)

How long from Kaanapali to Road to Hana? Road to Hana takes how much time? Road to Hana Blog/Guide

If you are staying on the South side, (Kihei,Wailea, Makena)

Expect about 35-45 minutes to Begin the Road,

We suggest leaving your hotel about 7:45am

How long does it Take from Wailea to Road to Hana?

If you have any questions on the Road to Hana or would like to book a Private Tour let us know!


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