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Maui Waterfall Swimming - Road to Hana

Swimming in Waterfalls is just one of the amazing things to do here in Maui,

Maui Waterfall Swimming

There is so many to see on the Road to Hana, Wailua falls, Waimoku falls, three sisters waterfalls and more!

3 sisters waterfall maui

Before going for a swim in the waterfalls or before you start the road to Hana, CHECK FOR FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS! They are no joke. If all is clear go have fun bring some good shoes and a pair of flips flops and enjoy your swim!

Road to Hana Tours Maui

The water tempature of these waterfalls is 70 or so degrees, quite warm great for cooling off in the warm Maui sun.

Road to Hana Waterfall Tours

There is so many amazing waterfalls all over east Maui, most are just a short walk off the main road making them very easy to access! While other super secret ones can be aswell or further off,

On our Private Road to Hana tours, we show you some of the secret local spots that you will not find!

Bamboo Forest Waterfall Maui

Some of the waterfalls we go to are in a bamboo forest very amazing to walk through and see how tall and amaziling thick the bamboo is! A wonderful treat is a beautiful waterfall at the end to cool off!

Bamboo Forest Haiku - Road to Hana

Hana Tours Maui

There is even secret Lava tubes we can go in that are hidden in Plain sight! There is quite a few of these on the Road to Hana, If you come out on a tour we would be happy to share with you the secret ones!

Hana Lava Tube

Lava Tube Road to Hana

All in all there is soo much to see and do on the Road to Hana, Waterfalls, Lava Tubes, Hikinh, Black sand beachs and more! Check us out we would love to take you on a Road to Hana Tour

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