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Snorkel with the turtles in Maui! Secret Turtle Spots!

Ok, we have all been told of the place called "Turtle Town" don't let these names fool you they are all created by large companeis selling you on seeing turtles, yes they do find turtles at these places but in realitly there is way more turtles in other places with alot less or no people.

Check out our website on Where to Snorkel, we have some tips on finding turtles but the biggest thing with snorkeling is finding calm, clear water so check your local surf report!

(shown below - Sometimes the turtles come right up to the beach or even lay on it!)

The West Side of Maui has the best snorkeling hands down. Most of the snorkel spots/turtle beaches you will find will be around here there is also some great ones on the south side of the island in Kihei or in Wailea. But is prone to more wind and south swell.

Honokeana Cove is a great place for turtles in the Summer months due to no north swell.

Another Great place to go turtle Watching along West Maui is Pump house area (wahikuli beach park)

They are along the south side of the rocks and feed on the plants growing along the shoreline, The water can be murky here watch for swell and wind, If it is calm get in the water and go snorkel with them!

(Shown below snorkeler with turtle in pump house area)

Another great spot just north of pump house area is Canoe Beach, It is just south of the Hyatt and is a nice shallow place to get comfortable snorkeling and can often see turtles here aswell!

(shown below montage of turtle spots)

All in all it is not about the name of the place you want to go snorkel at, it is about the days conditions and seeing what will be the most calm and then decide which beach and what kind of marine life you would like to see! You never know what you can find out there!

We kept this blog short, we keep our most favorite secret turtle spots, well a secret if you come along on a guided beach snorkel adventure of West Maui, we will take you on a turtle search along some super secret spots!

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