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Road to Hana What to bring?

Wondering what to bring on the famous Road to Hana?

Here is the list.

1. Wear a bathing suit - clothes over suit

2. extra bathing suit

3. flip flops

4. water shoes/Tevas/Chaco

5. Rain jacket

6. Sunscreen

7. Motion Sickness pills

8. Water

9. Toilet paper/baby wipes! (Public restrooms often run out)

10. Dry bag

11. Boogie Board (Hamoa Beach)

12. Cooler with ice (If packing lunch)

13. Towel

14. Camera

15. Sunglasses

16. Full tank of gas for car

17. Music (Because no service in Hana)

18. First aid kit

19. Waterproof bag/Spare Key (For FOB Key for car)

20. Cash (Small Bills)

21. Cigarette lighter USB Charger for car

22. AUX Cord

23. Hair Ties

24. Medicine

25. Bug Spray

26. Hand sanitizer

27. Snacks

28. Light jacket (It can sometimes get cold)

29. GPS (wont really need it phone works fine although no signal past town of Paia)

30. floatation Noodle/ donut (For waterfalls)

31. Ear plugs (So you don't have to hear your spouse screaming at you)

32. Mask/Snorkel (encase you drop something in waterfall)

33. Selfie stick

Don't bring

1. Your spouse. (Just kidding)

2. Expensive items and leave them in your rental car in plain view. Someone can bash your window in.

When to Leave Hana

Leave Hana a few hours before sunset so your not driving back in the dark.

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