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Full Face Mask Snorkel by Makai Snorkel! Easy breath Mask!

The snorkeling world today if being shaped so quickly today. The old days of breathing in a tube separating your nose from your mouth and having to clear water out of your snorkel is gone!

With this full face mask snorkel the, Makai Snorkel based right here in Maui. It eliminates tons of problems you have experienced with a tradtional snorkel set.

1. Breath with your mouth and nose just like on land!

Just like on land you breath with your mouth and nose regularly there is nothing o it, just put the mask on and go snorkel!

2. Dry top snorkel that does not allow water in!

Yes it is pretty amazing we have figured out how to make it so when you dive under water no water can enter the mask. Also if the snorkel goes under the water or a wave goes over the top of you it cannot get in!

We have achieved this by designing a small float ball that rises to the top of the snorkel and cuts off any water entry into the mask! Making it so you can dive down and come back up without having to clear the mask and keep snorkeling!

3. One way safety valves!

On our masks we have special one way safety valve's the only allow water to escape it is located underneath where your chin sits, So if any water does happen to enter the mask simply lift your head out of the water and it will all drain out from the bottom and keep on snorkeling!

4. Nose and mouth are separated and eliminates fogging!

Since your nose and mouth are sealed separately it does not fog where your eyes are, only where your nose and mouth are located. By designing our mask's this way it ensures to keep the fog out of where it counts the most!

5. Do not be fooled by other mask's!

The Full face mask market has seen alot of growth in the past few years, but do not be fooled by other cut rate mask companies. The mask's may all look very similar but are very different! For example our Makai Snorkel's viewing windows is heat treated to reduce fog, Our Valves use a completely different grade and style! The O-Ring that keeps water out, We use only the best softest grade that molds to the snorkel to ensure it keeps water out!

6. Great for first time snorkelers!

The Makai Snorkel is great for first time and advanced snorkelers, because of it ease of use it gets rid of all the issues we have experienced before with tradtional snorkels and just simplifies things down to it's most basic.

Want to come try out a Full Face Mask snorkel? Drop us a line at or contact Shoreline Snorkel next time your in maui and let us know!

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