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Things to see on Hana Highway! Road to Hana Guide

Things to see on the famous road to Hana!

There is so many things to see on this road bit it really is not about the road it is all about THE STOPS not the road.

Check out our Road to Hana Private guided tours by our company, Shoreline Snorkel

and our video on youtube from years back!

Writing this blog we want to get away from all the "Touristy" spots to stop at and show you some of the best local spots to stop.

1. Begin your Adventure early!

This cannot be overstated enough, Start by leaving around 7:45am.

2. Stop for Food, Water and TOILETPAPER!

Your first stop should be in Paia town! This cute little hippy town hosts some of the best food on the island! We reccomend stopping at the grocery store Mana Foods.


They are open from 8am - 8:30pm everyday. Mana Foods hosts the best food most of it locally sourced from Maui. They carry lots of vegan, non gmo, Organic food.

The hot bar at Mana foods is not to be missed! Also check out their fresh fruit section they have all kinds of off the wall delicious different fruits you have never seen and will never forget!

3. Skip Twin falls,

This spot is a tourist trap, Instead continue onto the Bamboo forest, It hosts a wonderful waterfall after a hike through the bamboo. To enter the bamboo forest you will see a turn out to your right hand side and a tiny little cut in the bamboo, It is located in Haiku. You will see some cars parked just park and get out and start walking.

(Na'ili'ili-haele Stream & Waterfall) (8310 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708

4. Dont listen to us! Just and explore!

Sounds crazy? Roll the windows down, relax and just go explore take random turns and get out and walk you will never know what you will find! We have found secret waterfalls/swimming holes with mango trees and rope swings! The best times are the unplanned ones!

5. Check out Keanae! Have lunch at Aunty Sandy's!

This cool spot is one to check out, it hosts Lanakila Ihiihi O Iehowa Ona Kava Church one of the oldest churchs here on Maui, Keana is a small little village that is good to stretch your legs, use the restroom and good some excellent food at Aunty Sandys! Go to the end of the road and see the big cows and wildlife they have too!

6. Village of Nahiku!

This is often overlooked, Nahiku is a small village it is easy to miss it will be on your left side just next to Makapipi Falls (by the bridge, it will be on your left) Go down the road all the way there is a couple secret waterfalls and swimmng holes if you can find them!

If you go all the way down the road and keep taking lefts (most north western point of nahku at the end of the road) you will reach a small round-o-bout where if you walk to the north over the rocks toward the ocean there is a small waterfall and swimming hole that flows directly into the ocean! There is bigger waterfalls in Nahiku but were going to keep them a secret!

(shown below secret waterfall and rope swing/swimming hole)

7. Wailua Falls! Swim in the Biggest Waterfall!

Now this waterfall is just literally off the road, Every tourist and their mom stops and takes a picture regardless of the small one/two lane bridge they often end up blocking with very limited parking.

That being said, this waterfall is very easy to see but to swim in it, you will need to cross the bridge heading east, and go to the south side or the (right side of the bridge) and walk underneath the bridge and climb over some rocks and scramble over them. You will find your way to the waterfall PLEASE CHECK FOR FLASH FLOODS WARNINGS they are no joke take them seriously.

(if you dont believe flash floods are dangerous watch this video of one in Hana)

You can swim in Wailua falls it is truely amazing swimming underneath the waterfalls since they are so powerful! a great spot to hangout for a bit.

(shown below Wailua Falls 3 waterfalls 2 Teirs)

8.Waianapanapa State Park

Good spot to use the restroom and see the blacksand beaches often can be crowded with lots of tourists there is some small fruit stands on the road you can buy fruit with small bills to enjoy while here.

The black sand beach is really neat it is really coarse and more inland is all larger black stones, on the beach itself to the south side(right side while facing ocean) there is a natural lava tube you can crouch and walk into and explore,

Also up above their is a larger fresh water swimming hole with steps down below into it

(shown below fresh water cave of waianapanapa)

9. Red Sand Beach Secret Beach Behind HANA

Red Sand beach on the Road to Hana is not to be missed! It is located behind the elementary school in Hana, Walk across the open field behind the coconut trees and follow the small trail/goat path along the cliff. Follow it around till you make it to red sand beach

NUDE BEACH! Yes Red sand beach is a clothing optional beach. Red sand beach is a super cool gem not to miss! -May be some naked hippies on the beach FYI

(Shown Below:Red Sand Beach Road to Hana)

10. Venus Pool

(7035 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708)

Great spot for the adventours cliff jumpers park on the side of the road, Go past the fence and walk along the path toward the ocean, you will see some large cliffs you can jump off of (30-60 feet) quite large cliff jumps or you can walk down and swim in. It is connected to the ocean so be careful of large surf.

There is tons more spots to explore on the road to Hana, But we really suggest spending at least one night on the road to Hana to really experience it! Hana is such a huge area! If you are going to do it just for the day just go to Hana and turn back.

It is not about the road to Hana it is about getting out and experiencing it all! So dont rush it put the windows down and just explore!

If you would like to go on a private tour we would be glad to show you all the secret spots on the Road to hana! We pickup and drop off for norwegian cruise line and all other cruise ships and all hotels on Maui,

check out our tours, we only do small private groups

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